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is the library management system managed and accessed via the internet.

You maintain your catalogue of books, journals, CDs, tapes, documents, websites etc via online forms. These forms allow you to update the catalogue pick list - media types, classmarks, locations etc. They also enable you to maintain details of the users who will search and access the catalogue.

These users are able to sign in to search the catalogue and see all the relevant details of its items. If you enable loans then these can be processed via LookUp.

LookUp can stand alone or be integrated into your intranet/extranet. You can tailor the colours and styles to suit yourself.

has the following modules:

    Catalogue - this module is mandatory and forms the basis of your system.
    Loans I - for simple loans and returns.
    Acquisitions - raising orders and budgeting.
    Serials - for managing your subscriptions.
    Loans II - allows complex loan strategies.
    Research - handles research requests from your users.

is offered on a monthly subscription basis.What you pay depends on the number of items in your catalogue, the modules that you require and the number of authorised users that access your catalogue. See prices
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